Fa Chomhair an Leughadair

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Fa Chomhair an Leughadair

Postby Steaphanaidh Carlyle » June 15th, 2016, 12:58 pm

Welcome to the first series of Fa Chomhair an Leughadair! In this new program, presented by Rèidio Guth nan Gàidheal, we explore books written in Scottish Gaelic, ones you may have read, and ones that you may not even know about yet. We sample some of the chapters in these books, with the chapter read out in a recording, followed by a short discussion of some of the grammatical points from each reading.

This program is aimed at those who have achieved an intermediate or advanced intermediate level of study in the language, and we assume you have some working knowledge of the language. We try to pick out parts of the chapters that may require some additional explanation, or else vocabulary and expressions that are common, and may need clarification.

You can participate in the program too! If you see something in a chapter that we don’t cover, some vocabulary that you don’t quite understand, or an expression that you’ve seen and understand in its essence, but aren’t sure how it works, send us a message. We will do follow-up programs and notes that answer your questions.

Also, if you have suggestions for us on other books to read, send them along. There is a huge world of Gaelic prose now, and more and more of it is becoming digitized – which we believe is the best way to share the written word with the world. This is how we can even have a program like this, and share these books with the learners spread throughout every country.

We hope you enjoy and get something out of this program, and that it will help you to improve your Gaelic, broaden your vocabulary, and open up a new world of Gaelic prose and poetry for you – and, in doing so, bring Gaelic to more people in the world.

In this first series, we read from “An Creanaiche”, written by Ruairidh MacIlleathain, who most if not all of you know from the BBC program, Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh (“A Letter to Learners”). This is a remarkable book, engaging, interesting, and at times amazing. We thank Ruairidh for his permission to use this book, as we do Sandstone Press for their permission and cooperation. We will read through the book as long as there is interest, and we encourage you to read it on your own. You will get an example of Gaelic pronunciation by listening to the chapters be read, and we will, from time to time, have guest readers as well. We welcome your feedback, your participation, and your involvement in our efforts.

Gura math a thèid leibh, agus suas leis na leabhraichean!

Program 1x01: https://www.mixcloud.com/guthnangaidhea ... gram-1x01/

Steaphanaidh Carlyle

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