2012 Mòd nan Lochan Mòra

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2012 Mòd nan Lochan Mòra

Postby Cam MacRae » April 19th, 2012, 11:07 am

The 10th annual Mòd nan Lochan Mòra will take place at the Ohio Scottish Games from Friday, June 22nd, though Sunday the 24th with Gillebrìde MacMillan returning as adjudicator. Poetry and storytelling competitions will take place on Friday afternoon. Singing competitions will be Saturday, followed by the Mòd dinner and cèilidh at the Oberlin Inn. From 10:00 until noon Sunday morning Gillebrìde will teach a song workshop.

Attached are a flyer with a more detailed schedule, the registration form, the prescribed poem for this year, and a list of the prescribed songs for this year. For more information contact Frances Acar at Frances.Acar@gmail.com.

See you there!

[Edited 26 April to replace registration form - the earlier one didn't have Frances's address on it.]
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