03 - Recipe: Herring in Oatmeal (from ANA Fall 2012).

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03 - Recipe: Herring in Oatmeal (from ANA Fall 2012).

Postby Steaphanaidh Carlyle » October 24th, 2014, 6:32 am

For the third of our re-prints from our newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne, we bring you a recipe to prepare a rather tasty meal - Herring in Oatmeal

Herring are the “silver darlings” that sustained the Scottish fishing industry for over a century, and this very traditional recipe pairs
this nutritious fish with that other Scottish staple, oatmeal.

In Scotland, coarse oatmeal would be used, but small-flake rolled oats should work just as well. If you can't get fresh herring,
mackerel is a good substitute.

To read more, please click the link below (PDF Format - Adobe Reader Required)


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